Funding life sciences companies

The funding life sciences companies toolkit provides an overview of the types and sources of funding typically available for early stage enterprises in this sector. It also includes explanations of the documentation, structures and terminology that need to be understood when involved in a venture capital investment round.

Funding life sciences companies
Patent rights in corporate transactions: Mergers and acquisitions
Patent rights in corporate transactions: Joint ventures
Patent rights in corporate transactions: Divestment
Patent rights in corporate transactions: Initial public offerings
Can you bank on your IP?
Using IP to raise debt finance
Explaining investment terms: board of directors / board observer
Explaining investment terms: confidentiality, IP assignment and management non-compete agreements
Asset-Centric special purpose vehicles (SPVs)
Valuation and milestones
Pre-emption rights on new share issues
Right of first refusal, co-sale and tag along rights
Drag along or bring along
Voting rights
Protective provisions and consent rights (class rights)
Taking security over patents
Taking security over patents
Dividend rights
liquidation preference and deemed liquidation
Conversion rights
Anti-dilution (or price protection)
taking money
Types of shares
Key documentation for funding life sciences companies
Venture capital heads of terms (term sheets)
Key terms of the Investment Agreement
Key terms of the Articles of Association