An ius comune of European Patent Law

January 2020

"What is genuinely European in European Patent Law?" asks Peter Ling in IPKat's review of A Practitioner's Guide to European Patent Law, which comes out of the Taylor Wessing European patent practice. "Is there a common set of rules or understandings related to topics such as indirect infringement, equivalents, exhaustion, damages and joint ownership? To say that answering these questions in one book is challenging would be grossly underestimating the task".

Does the book achieve this aim? "Paul England (with the assistance of Sara Burghart [Munich], Judith Krens [Amsterdam] and François Pochart [Paris]) took up the challenge and certainly has met, if not exceeded, the high expectations created by the book's title...The book provides at least tentative answers to the above questions (and a few more as well) in only 350-odd pages, and in a manner that can be easily digested by practitioners."

Referring to the purpose of the book to provide, for the first time, an overview of European patent law subject-by-subject, the review states that "All in all, this attempt to synthetize a form of ius comune of European Patent Law will no doubt be a useful reference to litigators, patent attorneys and in-house counsels throughout Europe."

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A Practitioner's Guide to European Patent Law is available from Hart Publishing and Amazon.

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