Managing cybersecurity risk: a life sciences perspective

July 2019

The first instalment of our Life Sciences Disputes series provides practical tips and advice, discusses key legislation, and shares case studies on how life sciences organisations can mitigate and manage their litigation risk.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • GDPR and contractual confidentiality obligations mean that loss of data – both commercial and personal – is a very significant risk for all businesses, and businesses should not be complacent about their responsibilities.
  • Life sciences companies hold significant and valuable IP, both their own and that of third parties with whom they are developing products – they are targets for external attackers.
  • Regulatory investigation or litigation after a breach or significant ransomware attack is becoming more commonplace.
  • We look at the legal risks, how you can prepare for incidents and some options to improve your position after an incident.
  • We also consider some of the attacks that we are seeing at the moment, including some that have affected life sciences companies, and what you should be considering doing to mitigate or prevent them.

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Vinod Bange

Vin is a partner in the IP/IT group and heads the UK Data Protection/Privacy practice.

Paul Glass

Paul is a partner in the Disputes & Investigations group, specialising in cybersecurity, data breach and contentious data protection.

Jessie Prynne

Jessie is an associate in the Disputes and Investigations group, with experience working on a range of disputes.