Life Sciences Disputes webinar series

July 2019

We are delighted to introduce our webinar series on life sciences disputes. The first webinar in the series, Managing cybersecurity risk: a life sciences perspective, was held on 27 June 2019.

In this series opener, our experts addressed:

  • the cybersecurity, data breach and data protection risks for life science companies
  • how to reduce or pre-empt those risks
  • what to do if a cybersecurity attack or data breach happens.

You can view the webinar here.

Upcoming topics in the series will include:

Dispute resolution (arbitration and court litigation) - 24 September 2019

The second webinar in the series will cover the arbitration process and arbitration clauses, examine the pros and cons of arbitration for the life sciences sector, and discuss the types of disputes that may be more suitable for arbitration.

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Regulatory investigations, product liability and reputational management

Potential regulatory consequences, product liability issues (including mitigation) and steps a company can take to protect its reputation are the focus of the third webinar in our series.

Regulatory disputes and legal challenges

The penultimate webinar in our series will examine the available options related to legal challenges that arise when there is a disagreement over a regulator or other decision makers' actions, including litigation in the courts.

Confidentiality and trade secrets

In the final webinar in the series, we will address the steps you need to take to preserve valuable innovation as a trade secret, how the law treats an employee/researcher who has worked with confidential information once they move job or start up on their own, the measures that minimise the risk of unauthorised use or disclosure of confidential information, what to do if it happens and what will be involved. We will also discuss the EU Trade Secrets Directive and its impact on the life sciences industry.

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Tasmina Goraya

Tasmina is a senior associate in our Cambridge office, specialising in IP and regulatory law.

Paul England

Paul is a senior professional support lawyer in our London office specialising in patents law.

"Recent years have seen a rise in threats from malware and ransomware against life sciences and healthcare organisations and businesses."